This document articulates the strategic plan of the Vaccine Advocacy Resource Group, an independent, advocate led, global team of AIDS prevention research advocates that play a critical liaison role in the highly complex field of HIV vaccine research. This report pays tribute to some of the pioneers of vaccine research and development on whose shoulders scientists, researchers and advocates like ourselves stand today. It pays special attention to pioneering female scientists, who against incredible odds, forged ahead to find relief for the burden of diseases that ravage mankind. Today, the science has moved far along and while we need to work towards and call for increased representation of women and women of colour in science and research we take this moment to recognize where we come from by paying tribute to Henrietta Lacks, Alice Ball, Dorothy Hortsmann and Isabel Morgan.


This strategy is dedicated to the thousands of clinical trial participants across the world who, against great odds, entrust their time, their bodies and their hope for a future free of HIV, to scientific research.


Click to download: Vaccine Advocacy Resource Group Strategic Plan 2018 – 2019