Ntando Yola


Ntando Yola is a co-lead of the newly formed South Africa civil society resource group on prevention research named the Advocacy for `Prevention of HIV and AIDS (APHA). A 2013 AVAC Fellow with a track record in advocacy for stakeholder engagement in HIV prevention trials he was a keynote speaker at the 2013 AIDS Vaccine conference at which he contributed to setting the standard for civil society engagement in vaccine research meetings. He has invested over a decade working with the Desmond Tutu HIV Centre and is well known in the South Africa vaccine development community.


His community engagement work has included working in trials across various research networks as a member of the HIV Vaccine Trials Network’ (HVTN) Social Behavioral Working Group and the current Community Working Group (CWG) Co-Chair of the HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN). Ntando is committed to facilitating VARG support to civil society groups and other role players in South Africa through dissemination of appropriate messaging and mobilization of all role players for HIV vaccine research and development.