Chamunorwa (Chamu) Mashoko


Chamunorwa was a 2012 AVAC fellow. His decade of HIV prevention research experience began when he joined University of Zimbabwe–University of California San Francisco (UZ-UCSF) Research collaboration as a community outreach worker. In the following years, he has become a vocal prevention research advocate concerned with women’s prevention needs. Chamunorwa leads Advocacy Core Team (ACT), a collective of 20 civil society organizations championing access to quality health services for all. ACT plays a critical role through its membership in assisting the Ministry of Health. He is also involved in updating communities on HIV clinical
studies and is currently sensitizing communities in Zimbabwe on the AMP, HOPE and DREAM studies.



VARG member Chamunorwa Mashoko partnered with the award-winning radio station, Capitalk 100.4FM. Capitalk 100.4 FM is Zimbabwe’s first and only Harare based commercial talk radio station. The valuable resource for advocates entitled “HIV Vaccines – an introductory factsheet” created by the VARG’s founding......