#HVAD2018 USA – Using podcasts to spread the message of HIV vaccine research!

On HVAD2018 the VARG’s Matthew Rose, took part in the May episode of AVAC’s Px Pulse podcast along with VARG Emissaries Kundai Chinyeze and Bill Snow who is also the founder of AVAC and friend of the VARG, HVTN’s Larry Corey. In the podcast, they help set expectations for where the field is now and where it is going.

“We have to think about promise, design and collaboration but not only in terms of science not only in terms of how do we engage with community but in terms of how we build support for a vaccine candidate and how we go forward. So with promise I like to think about: “what are we telling people, what is the community hearing?.” – Matthew Rose, VARG Member

Px Pulse is a podcast produced by AVAC where advocates, researchers, policy makers and community stakeholders can hear from each other about HIV prevention research.

In a cue from the treatment field where “Tx” is widely understood, AVAC uses “Px” as shorthand for “prevention”. In line with their Px Wire quarterly newsletter, Px Pulse will deepen your knowledge of prevention research and help you regularly “check the pulse” of this fast-paced field through compelling audio coverage including interviews, first-person accounts and robust discussion.

Initial Px Pulse offerings explore issues including what it takes for adolescent-focused research to be effective; and what factors led researchers to change the design of HPTN 084, a trial of long-acting injectable PrEP. Future episodes will explore the impact of media coverage on recent trials; a progress report on the introduction of new prevention options; and one advocate’s take on oral PrEP rollout today and the PrEP of tomorrow.

To listen to the full podcast go to: https://www.avac.org/podcast/hiv-vaccine-science